New arrival: multi-purpose vehicle tire pressure pump can be tested

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Multi-purpose vehicle pump, can provide 280 psi pressure aeration and measuring the tire pressure, and can pick up cigarette lighter power as lights and flashing warning lights. With three kinds of gas mouth, use very convenient. Taiwan wind king (Coido) group product, the quality and workmanship are very exquisite, in line with international standards. 
Method of use: 
Insert the cigarette lighter head dc 12 v car cigarette lighter, then rubber hose inserted into the tire valve, along with the configuration of valve can be inflated with different gas mouth, for use in tires, rubber boats, bicycles and ball of gas with night work lights and flashing warning lights, when the car has a fault is a good tool for emergency. 
Equipped with a pressure test table 
Car tyres consjsts of detailed specifications 
The power supply. DC12V 
The machine is suitable for car, bicycle tires, and ball, inflatable boat... Inflatable of and so on, using a generic widely. 
In the highway, the wild, or anywhere, car tyres suddenly leak, can play the function of the emergency. 
This product comes with a night work light and flash light, 3. 
Ready to one, in the car trunk, does not occupy a space, use. 
Cars keep correct tire pressure, can save gas, protect tires, and ensure that the Ann of driving. 
Method of use; Please press the Numbers in order to use 
The rubber hose. End of the mouth plugged directly at the valve of the tire, heard the sound of air emission by tyres, said air flow 
Tong, will immediately wrench to within 90 pressure of gas mouth, no longer leaking air at this time. 
Remove the plug, directly inserted in the car cigarette lighter. 
With motor start switch, can begin. 
Inflatable, instrument of the pointer will rise, with the tyres and degree when the cursor reaches the proper tire pressure (general automobile tire pressure is 223 kpa), will start the concerns, remove the plug and gas mouth, inflatable work is completed. 
This machine is used in a large and significant of the vehicle tire air, such as trucks, trucks, etc. 
When using, should launch a car engine, to increase the power, and not to loss power car. 
Use native dc DC12V, 10 a power supply, do not use electricity 110 v, if you would like to use electricity, necessary and transformer. 
Used for car tyre, every 12 minutes, had better take a rest, to make the body a little cool again after use, can extend the life of the motor. 
The inflatable inflatable, can use continuously for half an hour. 
General car tyre, about 3-5 minutes of the normal tire pressure of 220 kpa. Big tires will be a little longer time. Began inflating, instrument pointer of the rapid rise in about two or three seconds to 490 kpa, it indicates that the air is blocked, no air into the tyre, at this time should immediately turn off the power supply, dial the next gas mouth, again, otherwise the instrument and the motor will be damaged. 
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