Studied the car audio "world factory"

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China as the world's factory car audio, but lack of core technology 


Mainland China has become a "world factory" of car audio, at present China's car audio production has accounted for 40% of global production. Before the early 80 s of the last century, Japan is the world's largest production base of car audio and suppliers, the mid and late 80 s, the global car audio production base to start from Japan to South Korea, Singapore and other emerging areas of east Asia, South Asia. In the 90 s, car audio from the Asian "tigers" of landing ashore again, to enter the Chinese mainland, but in fact China's core competence is still very lack, just car audio "world factory". 


At present, there are about 1000 car audio companies in mainland China, the annual output reached 40 million sets, of which about 80% of exports, exports accounted for about 30% of global sales, China become a real car stereo exporter. 


By host, power amplifier, car audio speakers three parts. The host has three key components: IC chip, laser head, movement. Core, laser head, about 60 to 70% of the cost of the host. Shell, panel, PCB accounted for about 30-40%,. Domestic car audio enterprise in addition to the huizhou huayang group completely independent development, mastered the core technology of the three. The rest of the vendors are purchased, the assembly production. 


Domestic and foreign investment, joint venture manufacturers generally just as a factory, they do not have independent research and development ability of the machine, due to the movement, laser head does not have independent development and production capacity, domestic manufacturers at a disadvantage in cost control ability. 


China's car audio local brand market share rising. Under the background of promoting independent innovation, independent brands also blow into the area of car audio. As the market changes, the original generation of processed products mainly for overseas manufacturers, or the main sales key domestic manufacturers of the overseas market to the domestic market. With high cost performance, rich product structure, Chinese brand's market share from 10% in early 2005 rapidly increase to 31% now. 


Automobile enterprise profit decline in the car audio industry pressure and opportunities 


Of rapid increase of vehicle production and ownership in our country at the same time, the vehicle profit is declining. 2005, our country automobile vehicle profits fell by 38.4% from 2004, the whole car profit margins in the whole manufacturing margins below the average level of 4.46%. The entire automotive industry depreciate storm swept across the country, car audio industry began to bear the pressure of car overall supply chain passed, also has brought more opportunities and challenges. 


In recent years, the dominant firm market share continued to expand, concentration, top 10 manufacturers production concentration reached 66.43% in 2006. 


Supporting domestic manufacturers in the market and after market choice between 


After China's car audio market has a great potential. Foreign car audio market after loading ratio above 70%, many large car audio manufacturers abroad after attaches great importance to the market. As car audio manufacturer actively, the owners and the pursuit of sound quality and personalized demand, China's car audio after loading market potential is very big, but after put the market (including engage and AM two parts), and engage (original equipment service, generally refers to the 4 s shops operating maintenance business section) the development of the market will have a lot, it's mainly oems to vehicle performance and the safety of the owners to consider and take practice, aftermarket part (AM), the current sound modified without a unified specification, without considering whether audio products and the vehicle is fully compatible with unsafe after installation, after market such as got specification, also can have a bigger development. 


When about 9% of the market volume is about car ownership. Domestic car is forty million's at present, after the market capacity is around 3.4 million. China's car audio OEM market concentration is very high. Due to the auto makers generally will choose a brand of form a complete set of fixed, other brand it is difficult to enter the market. At present, shenzhen airlines sheng, Siemens VDO, philips, jiangsu tianbao etc. Several production enterprises in the domestic automotive original market share of more than three-quarters. Before the shenzhen airlines is filled in the domestic market coverage rate reached 100% in 20 of the depot. 


According to the domestic market modification, of growing domestic manufacturers should actively promote their own brands in the domestic sales channels to expand. Through the self-established brand experience shop brand promotion, realize network laid through 4 s shop and terminal sales. 

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