In-car entertainment hold up half the sky!

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The prospect of the auto industry and auto market, which in China's automotive electronic products, car audio products accounted for more than half of the share, prop up the market of half a day to day, so to speak, contribution to the development of the auto industry is no gainsaying!!!!! 


And see what specific cases: 


The escalating car entertainment demand 


With the development of China's automobile industry and auto market, automobile products had entered innumberable families, the car also has from the transport into a collection of leisure, entertainment for the integration of personalized consumer goods, consumer demand for car entertainment, in-car entertainment products market is growing. 


According to ccid consulting, in 2006 China automotive electronics market, car audio entertainment products accounted for most of the market share, including the stereo market share of 55.9%, and automotive television market share of 2.2%. For automobile products, at present internal entertainment system mainly is the on-board entertainment system, including car audio, car TV, car DVD, etc. At present, in domestic cars, car front loading rate of the audio has been basically reached 100%, the stereo has entered the product upgrade stage. From 2001 to 2005, China's average annual compound growth rate of car audio by shipments already amounted to 31.9%, and 38.1% in by sales. In 2006, in the domestic car products, car CD of front loading rate increased significantly, and more than the proportion of disc CD also have improved significantly. 


Car stereo itself is in constant change, from the earliest "card" car audio, to car CD, then to car CD/MP3 and other high-end products. From 2005, in the car audio car CD sales reached 3.9 million units, and vehicle card sales for 2.02 million sets. Car MP3 is at present a lot of home entertainment products production enterprise bullish on emerging markets, by its mature technology, small size, large capacity, and additional MP3 function modules in the car for the cost of the car. In addition, car MP3 can also satisfy the consumer demand for personalized custom music itself, the popularity of car MP3 has become the inevitable trend, so to speak. At present, apple, SONY and francois of domestic enterprise has been in the field of car MP3, are introduced which has the function of MP3 car entertainment products. 


Integrated vehicle electronic products will be the future of entertainment terminal, all on-board entertainment products will be integrated into the system. For the powerful system, integrated FM/AM, CD, DVD, MP3, TV, and other functions on the technology and not too big obstacle, and add the additional cost for a single function is low. Ccid semiconductor analyst plum tree her thinks, from the point of current China's car industry, in the true sense of integrated car solution application is less, only BMW5 iDrive system and the Audi A6L MMI system. However, in the integrated automotive electronics technology development and product popularization, in-car entertainment for everyone to the imagination. 

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