Av perfect match is the absolute principle

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In recent years, the car turned into a relaxed and comfortable environment becomes a trend, in the pursuit of "people, cars, natural" perfect harmony at the same time, the car entertainment system has become the first selection of constructing harmonious environment inside the car. 


Car rear entertainment system service object is limited to the vehicle rear passengers, rear passengers mainly for kids, wife, or with the driver of high-level managers, due to the target service object clear and have to buy back the key influence of entertainment system, so the rear entertainment system in the development of domestic very rapidly. To day Michael's vios jenn-air brand from the United States, for example, since entering China in March 2006, with the idea of "perfect match", almost all of China's high-end models have been developed matching backseat entertainment system, in May this year, in order to meet the domestic luxury car entertainment products in the back of growing demand, day Michael in suzhou wujiang wei bridge photoelectric joint venture with domestic production base, is the "perfect match" in the back seat audio-visual system development huge influence, from which it is not hard to see the future in the back seat av system market larger development space. 


Although the day after Wallace aimed at domestic high-end sedan car entertainment system development, but professionals think: "install rear entertainment system to install than navigation system or information communication system faster and comprehensive to enter the average family car." The author probe is equipped with A vios luo jue - 1000 audi Q7 entertainment system owners found that owners of entertainment system after installation the main issues are as follows: 


And the vehicle matching. If installed entertainment system and vehicle after dermatoglyph, line texture perfect collocation, after installation and before installation will not change the appearance of the vehicle, and can a grade higher than the equivalent grade cars, this is generally a high-grade car owners first consideration. According to the new audi Q7 the owner: "that attracts me to buy this car Q7 huge body, the space between increases, this seat space big can do? I think if the car had A TV, the day Michael did, when 4 s shop fitted on my vios luo jue A - 1000 let me give it A try, I immediately found in love with it, real leather leather and my car, the same stitching line, length, the city is the same, like for me to do. Back seat can expand the Q7, I put back seat above all the, turn head to take the family out to travel, to see our different, each play." 


The safety and comfort. After the installation of entertainment system had better not change the original car line, no damage to any part of the original car, no installation experience also can smoothly assemble yourself. According to the new audi Q7 owners "what I most afraid of installation navigation system ruin my lines, vios luo jue the installation of A - 1000 without changing the original vehicle electrical wiring, I love it." The author try to sit in the front of the audi Q7 car seat, the feeling after the installation of A - 1000 was not any adverse influence on the headrest of comfort. Popular 7 "inch LCD widescreen 16:9, effective visual range of around 100 o, 120 o, looks very atmospheric and fashion. A - 1000 replacement discs, above the screen open, CDS from above in the machine, compared with some other headrest DVD is below the screen to open the CD, this way is obviously more humanized, accord with people's habits, because at the same time very good to avoid the disc is not put good fell out of the situation. From this detail can feel vios luo jue products on the design of thoughtful. 


Foreign car audio market after loading ratio above 70%, and China only 10% or so, many large car audio manufacturers abroad after attaches great importance to the market. The owners as the pursuit of sound quality and personalized requirements, after China car audio has a great potential market. Especially after loaded entertainment system perfect match will be the absolute principle in the development of in-car entertainment. 

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