Remind: car audio modification hidden trouble

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Car audio has become more and more lovers of masses of car audio, a modified method and the modified scheme is also different, especially the young people like original colorful, like your car cool dress up as some kind of, modified door plank, the back of the big 12 inch bass, not one to two, the car is beautiful, but you ever think of modified materials used in environmental protection? Give your body the invisible killer. 


Now in modified car audio industry equipment prices more transparent cases, a modified door plank, change of interior, modelling, for show. 


Sit in such to mend the car, a pungent odor, will also feel hot eyes, this means that poisonous gases. As a result, an invisible killer into the car, the owner's body. 


Reason from modified materials, 1, formaldehyde density board - 2, 3 - formaldehyde glue, paint, leather - 4-5, and 6 atomic ash, glass fiber 7, epoxy resin, and brings with it a poisonous gas. Itself inside the ventilation is not good, the air is very poor, coupled with pollution, is the result of what should be in the car. Ventilation is good, a year the harmful gas is put inside is not clean, it is slowly released, the owner is like sitting in a poisonous steam room, slowly to enjoy himself. Thought of here you feel afraid? That is the case. 


Modified car stereo right idea, actually not much with horn, adding more bass, make model. Is no less (or change the original car stereo position, as well as the interior style, take up little space inside the car, through the use of professional technology, make the car audio sound quality, sound field orientation to best achieve best. This is the embodiment of the technology and capability. Rather than change my car too strange, do a lot of style, this is not to sound, but the change of interior decoration. The steel used in the blade, make full use of the limited funds, to transform audio, rather than the interior. Recommend, simple and practical for good, for their own use to clear purpose, the converted audio sound is first. 


Many competitions and display of the vehicle, it is necessary to exaggerate and the best effect, so more adapted, but the car is not usual, just a short period of time, will be removed after use, so will not cause damage. 


Now many, especially young people, blindly imitate the matches and the modelling of show car, but they forgot converted at the same time bring killers into the car. 


Sound is used to enjoy music, not to look at, there is a customer in a modified shop, listen to the boss, the modelling of a trunk horn, don't feel good to listen, find me to change, I asked him what do you use the trumpet in the trunk? Oneself also don't know is to hear, who spent a lot of money, also caused the car pollution. 

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